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The Bride Heist - NO MORE!

What the enemy has intended for evil.  God intended for his good. The church has been asleep.  There is a remnant who have stood in the gap to intercede , but the majority have enjoyed the “church life” of being fed, being encouraged, letting someone else do the work,  hanging out the plaque Christian - without living as Christ, living the life of “churchdom” instead of bringing the Kingdom. Slowly the foundations of our nations  have been removed and we have, on the most part, not pushed back.  Our lives have been too busy, we are enjoying the luxury of the life, only seeing what we want to see.  What suits us.  We have allowed our lives to be dictated by an agenda that is not on the heart of the Father and certainly does not advance His kingdom But here we are, 2020, forced to sit.  Forced to stay put. Forced to leave jobs. Dictated to about what we can and can’t do.  Where and when we can and can’t go... and we begin to think... and begin to see... and begin to re-calibrate ... and begin to —- repent and turn The enemy may have intended this time for evil BUT God intended it to prepare the bride of Christ. When I wrote, "bride of Christ" it auto-corrected - "Bride of a heist" (a robbery). I stopped for a moment, with revelation that rang true; The enemy had intended to rob the bride - strip her of her position and authority! But hear this: The Lord our God is one God and He WILL have dominion!  We say, “Enough is enough”! The bride will no longer be robbed.  She will be a pure and spotless bride standing before the King of Kings, ready, waiting for her Bridegroom.

The BRIDE ARISING She is throwing off apathy Throwing away pride She is sifting through the corners of her life.  Who will hold her attention? Who will be the one? To capture her heart, to ignite her spirit,  to draw her into embrace? Jesus is the King, no one else compares He is the Bridegroom,  the One who always cares. What the enemy intended for evil, cannot hold its power As the glory of the Lord, rises in the earth, and His authority is released.  Rise up you bride warriors The battle is not yours, the enemy has been defeated Christ is the conqueror! There’s no more time for compromise, no time to sit and mourn, It’s time to take your place, in heavens room adorned.  For the bride will have her position  beside the bridegroom Christ,  As she lays down her own self will,  To unite  

As One.


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