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Mark is a revivalist who carries a message of the supernatural power of the presence of God for healing, signs wonders and miracles, freedom, and deliverance.  He believes one encounter with the Holy Spirit changes everything. His mandate is Isaiah 61:1; to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free. God’s glory is manifest in emotional and physical healing. Evangelism is a daily practice. He says, “When I meet people, they meet God and they are changed. It’s a supernatural transformation.”
Mark Redner is always providing new videos live-streamed every week on Ready Reset Go every Thursday at 9pm (EST).

The live-streams are always filled with prophecy, healing, and encouragement.

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One of the first experiences of healing came out of a moment when Mark looked around, trying to find his place as an assistant pastor in a church. He didn't have much opportunity to preach, so he wondered, where he belonged. Then one day, as he was praying for someone who had severe depression, God spoke through Mark and the woman was completely set free. She no longer had depression! 


God told Mark, "This is where I want you, Setting the captives free!" From that point on, Mark took every opportunity to believe in faith for healing.


And discovered a God who encounters with healing love!


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