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Immersed Course


Knowing the Holy Spirit is  foundational to living FREE in every area of your life!  If you want to see the signs, wonders and miracles, you need to be connected to the right source of power!! So often life is viewed from the perspective of lack and limits, because you are looking at the natural circumstances but you can see, when you look with Spirit eyes - beyond - into the eternal realm, which is filled with galaxies of possibilities and promises. This course will take you  deeper with Holy Spirit, as you listen and embrace the truths.  The PDFs are designed to help you examine your heart,  repent of the lies that hold you back, declare the Word of truth and life  and receive the MORE you have desired. You will discover that as you learn the culture of heaven, you will be able to impart it into every atmosphere you enter. And as you continually immerse yourself in the Holy Spirit, you will be empowered to live out the purposes God has intended - IN JOY -  and leave an inheritance for the generations to come. In this IMMERSED VIDEO COURSE you will learn; - How to find a secret place with God (Matt 6:6) - The power of living in the perspective of the eternal realm - How to separate the lies you believe from the truth you receive - How to keep moving forward, and never give up - Your dreams can be fulfilled when you know the purposes of God for your life.

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