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Encounters with God - 5-Day Challenge

  • 5Days
  • 6Steps


If You Are Looking For A God Who Is Real
And Can Truly Transform Your Life? Then 'Encounters With God' Challenge Is For You! In just 5 days, through the power of Holy Spirit,
You will know God is real and will be activated
to encounter Him. What you will LEARN 1. Learn how to feel and experience Holy Spirit in new ways. 2. Learn to encounter God’s love on a daily basis. 3. Learn the power of hearing God's voice. Day 1 - FACE TO FACE Holy Spirit, living inside you, is a person who transforms lives. There is a real encounter available for you—right now and He wants to meet you face to face! Day 2 - WHAT’S STOPPING YOU? Have you felt so much shame that you didn’t think God could love you? There is a truth: You Are Loved. When you acknowledge the lies, and replace them with TRUTH from the Word of God, you'll realize HE DOES see you. Day 3 - THE POWER OF HEARING You will gain keys to separate YOUR knowledge from GOD's truth, using discernment. Your ability to discern will help you recognize an authentic encounter with God. Day 4 - THE OPEN DOOR Your doorway to an encounter is knowing you are LOVED. When you have not experienced true love, you may have difficulty recognizing it. Hear real stories of how people have encountered God’s transforming love. Day 5 - EXPECT AN ENCOUNTER There is power when you put your expectation in the right place. Come with expectancy that God wants to encounter you, even more than your expectation.

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