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Thursday, November 17, 7 PM

Friday, November 18, 7 PM

Saturday, November 19, 10 AM and 6 PM

Saturday lunch registration at Kingdom Shift (donation basis)

LOCATION: West Ottawa Community Church (WOCC),  3123 Carp Road, Carp (Ottawa)

This summer as we travelled through Ontario to western Canada, we met so many people who were so HUNGRY for a move of the Holy Spirit. They weren’t content anymore with staying the same. They spoke of a need to see Canada revived in heart and purpose.


There is a simple answer to the cry; It’s time to gather together to ignite the flame of hope and vision once again! We are not interested in a conference, but in Presence.  And as we pray we know that God will reveal the pieces, what He wants us to say and do to once again stir up the hunger  and advance his Kingdom purposes.  


This is a time where we need to lean in and be completely led by the Spirit in ALL things. We do not step into this lightly, because we know it carries a weight for our nation.  The only weight we will carry is the weight of the glory of the Lord!


We have been so stirred in our hearts to Keep the Flame Alive and  have been reminded recently of the vision God  gave us for Ottawa and Canada. In the vision the  map of Canada had a burning flame surrounding Ottawa as shooting flames went out across the nation and around the world. There was a knowing that as we welcome the Holy Spirit's presence, it will impact the nation and the world.  In that moment, our hearts leapt and we said, “We do not want to miss what God is about to do!”   


It's like we are now on the precipice...and we don't want to miss what God is doing!!


We wanted to invite you to join us in;

A Holy Spirit led gathering with a Holy Spirit led agenda.


Our great friend and mentor Barry Maracle will be with us, as well as other special guests and worship leaders.

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HOTEL GROUP RATES (until Thurs Nov 3, 2022)

Comfort In & Suites
355 McNeely Avenue
Carleton Place ON 

When calling hotel, please use group name:
Breaking Limits Ministries

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1 year old hotel, 21 minutes away from venue, 2 Queen beds, no smoking,
for $159/night

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